Expungement and Pardons

Often, people charged with a criminal charge or citation in Lebanon County do not know or realize that once they plead guilty or pay the fine, an indelible mark may appear on their record that is available to the public at the click of a keyboard.  That Lebanon County record or Lebanon County conviction may appear on their Pennsylvania criminal record for all or most of their adult life.  There is a common misperception that a criminal record is automatically erased or expunged after a person completes their probation or after five or ten years.  In reality, Pennsylvania law is quite harsh in creating an adult criminal record that remains on your record until age 70 where you plead guilty.  Contact one of the criminal record expungement lawyers of  Ciccarelli Lawyers to discuss how to get that Lebanon county record removed.  

In other circumstances, where you have been wrongfully charged with a Lebanon County crime but have been successful in getting the Lebanon County charge dismissed or withdrawn, a record remains of the underlying charges and a record of your processing and fingerprints may also remain. Unbeknownst to most people is that those records do not ultimately get destroyed. Where the charges have been dismissed or withdrawn, by agreement of the district attorney, by the result of an A.R.D (accelerated rehabilitative disposition program) or first time offender program, or because of an acquittal or nol pros, you need a Pennsylvania lawyer to handle the expungement of your charges.

An expungement is a Court process where our Pennsylvania expungement lawyer petitions the court to have the Judge order for the removal or expungement of your record. Our office prepares the petition and represents you in Court for this hearing and many times your presence is not required. Once the judge grants the expungement petition, an order is created that is sent to all the known authorities who have your record and they are ordered by the judge to expunge or destroy your records.

Where you do not have a dismissal or nol pros of your charges, but rather a plea to some or all the charges, a Pardon may be your more successful option. A Pardon is recommended option when a client has a conviction for all or some of the charges and an expungement is not an option. In Pennsylvania, a pardon is obtained not by the Court but by the Governor’s office. Our office is experienced and has been successful in the complicated Pardon process with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Pardon Process can include the completion of a Pardon Application, Interview and Pardon Hearing in the state capital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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